The Grill Master Gloves™ – Allowing You to Stay Cool While You Cook - Find Your Coolness Around Heat and Flames.

The reason for our existence

The reason we love to make superior gloves that give you a safe and pleasurable experience while cooking is one. We take pride in servicing our customers. If we can fulfil a customer’s challenge only then can we feel great that we have a product of value. In actual fact we take great pleasure in finding a need and filling that need exactly with a great product. If you are anything like most people, we have all been burnt and we have all taken risks yet we all want and need to enjoy ourselves while cooking, have fun and stay safe.

Why do we love our product? The reason is because our customers love it. Learn more about our 3 reasons to success.

We know you love our Grill Master Gloves™ for the following reasons. The first of which is they provide great value, this does not mean that they are the the cheapest however when you receive them you know you have purchased great value. You will feel grateful that you received a great product and for a very reasonable and fair price. Often our customers feel that after using our product they would have paid a lot more.

The second reason is that the functionality of the Grill Master Gloves™ is just simply both incredible and reliable. They simply work well! Let us share with you the facts on why. You would know that not all materials are created equal and from time to time there is some extremely valuable progress, right? You have likely heard of Kevlar, perhaps not Nomex which are known in the scientific world as M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID materials.
These are the very best and this is what we use to manufacture the reliability in our gloves. Nomex has the ability to thicken when exposed to heat and together with silicone they provide incredible durability, they are lightweight, they offer superior heat protection, superior function, superior comfort and they last for a very long time and are very durable.
The material also allows you confident control when using the gloves. If you are going to stay very safe around heat ultimately this could not be achieved without having superior grip. The design as well as the many silicone stripes give you great protection from 932F of 500C temperature heat.

Enjoy the experience, stay cool and be around safely to spend your time with who you choose.

Use Grill Master Gloves™ and say goodbye to;

  • Getting burned
  • Hot items slipping form your hands
  • Dangerous situations
  • Feeling uncomfortable around heat
  • Not enjoying your cooking
  • Not enjoying your outdoor activities around heat
  • Feeling insecure about completing high heat tasks around the house
  • Not being confident around the barbecue and grill
  • Not being confident around the oven and kitchen

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You know what you have to gain with our gloves, so take the step now and order them safely directly from Amazon. After all you know what you have to lose if you don’t!

Whether you are into home cooking, campfires, wood stoves, fireplaces, barbecues, grills, smoking or all the above we have manufactured our gloves for you.