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Extreme Recommendation

I really can’t believe how great these gloves were as they are so much more than I ever expected. I have been using them for only 3 days and from the first use I was hooked and loved them. Not only was I really shocked and surprised how I could not feel the burning heat they also had so much grip and I feel so confident using them. The one size fits all is so true, I like the feel and so does my partner even though his hands are larger than mine. I even decided to hold something for more time than usual since I was so excited. The seller’s service was great and they kept in touch with me when I purchased as well they gave me a free bonus cookbook with some really great recipes which I really did not expect. I am ecstatic about these great looking gloves and I definitely recommend them to anyone.

Mandy Steinkelner

I Like That They Are Thick Enough To Protect Your Hands

I like that they are thick enough to protect your hands...
My husband and I put these gloves to use right after they arrived. We baked cookies and used these in place of oven mitts/pot holders to remove our cookie sheets from the oven. The Grill Master gloves worked very well. I like that they are thick enough to protect your hands from the heat, but not too thick as to make it difficult to grasp things. The silicone strips on the palm of the glove were a great touch. It is too easy for something to slip out of your hands when you use a regular oven mitt or a pot holder. While I used my Grill Master Gloves for baking, I am sure they would be fantastic for grilling as well.

Jaclyn Anne

Worked Very Well

They are quite similar to that other "famous" brand of oven glove. They do have a nice exception however as they are larger in size. My husband has what I call wussy fingers. He can't stand to touch anything hot whatsoever. So these will be perfect for him as he is an avid BBQer. He also designs camping stoves which when being made need lots of testing and touching of hot materials. I could see these being used in many numerous ways. Camping, BBQing, working on car engines, changing light bulbs, the list could go on and on. These did not get hot even when touching direct heat. I like how they cover up the entire wrist also. This would make a nice gift. I would recommend them.


Big Glove Gets The Job Done

These gloves work really well. I cook minute rice in the microwave A LOT and the glass handled bowl I use gets super-hot. It's usually really hard to grab the handle with my regular oven mitt. These gloves allow me to grasp the handle with confidence without burning myself. They work great for pulling things out of the oven. You can feel a bit of heat if you hold something for a while (I tested this), but I was not burned and it was never too hot to hold. The only con is that these are a little big. I wish they came in different (smaller) sizes. These are better for large man hands!

Charlise Grisham

Definitely My Gloves

Wow, to put it simply these gloves really do work. I love them and will never let them go, in fact I want to purchase another pair to be used outdoors. So many times handling items around the oven I would often get burnt or at the very best get really hot and uncomfortable. Sometimes I would use mitts but never felt real secure doing this.

Now I have no such worries, these take care of all my cooking worries and they are all in the past. I ordered the gloves on Amazon and this made me feel comfortable as it is a great shopping platform. I am used to the quick delivery times and the very reasonable online shopping prices. This was definitely no different.

…and as you may have guessed, they really do "fit like a glove"!


Great Gloves

If you are anything like me and you have really sensitive finger tips you know what it is like to reach out for oven mitts or a towel to protect yourself from heat while cooking. I have oven mitts everywhere as I love to cook and this is the only way I get by.

I love cooking indoors, I love cooking outdoors and I pretty much like cooking everywhere. Since I remember I always felt disadvantaged having a heat sensitivity issue until now.

Not knowing any better my previous ways seemed to do the trick, remembering the many hundreds of times I scalded myself. I saw these gloves on line which claimed a 932F protection which is difficult to believe I know as I also was sceptical at first. As the seller offered a satisfaction guarantee and they seemed of very good quality I decided to give them a go. Let me share I have not been burnt since, these are truly a great product and to me they are worth much more than what I purchased them for. No more folding towels or adjusting mitts, these gloves fit very well and the comfort of use is great. I can use my fingers and handle items with ease and confidence.

To prove a point to my friends I even put away the long tongs and turned the steaks on the BBQ by hand. Although I do not do this all the time, I really could if I wanted to as the material is easily washable and comes with easy washing instructions.

Looking back after several weeks, how did I ever enjoy myself cooking in the past? I would never know.

John Fitzgerald

Everyone Should Own These

I really love to do some smoking and spend a lot of my hours enjoying my hobby. In order to get by from being around high temperatures I have always relied on various types of gloves to help me protect myself and I have done OK I guess.

These gloves make smoking a breeze, they are the sort of item you come across every now and then that blows you away. They are so good my wife even gave them a try in the kitchen and she was incredibly impressed.

Fred Kapper

Potholders? - No Thanks

I love to cook and my friends are always amazed what I dish up to them on occasions. I decided to try some of these modern looking gloves and see if there was any value in giving away my old methods which I had been using for years.

I just received them and put them to the test in my kitchen right away. My first impression was that they fit real well and they felt really good on. I picked up pots, worked around the oven, baked some cake, used the griller and quickly realised it was time for my pot holders to go.

The silicone covered gloves look great but importantly for me they are extremely effective as a heat resistant layer between your hands and any hot object. I noticed I even walk slower in the kitchen now when holding something hot which really feels unusual but for good reason.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

Erin Tao

No More Burns

A good fit, good coverage, good control, great comfort. A must have in any home both in the kitchen and outdoors, These are perfect for anyone serious about protecting their hands from high heat.

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