Grill Master Gloves™ Frequently Asked Questions

Do the gloves come with a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, after purchasing your gloves if you are not completely satisfied that they work as well as they should please return them immediately for a full refund of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Are the gloves stain proof?

The gloves are not stain proof although due to the nature of the material stains can be removed. In order to treat a stain, dab a pre-wash stain remover on the stain allowing it to absorb for a few minutes. You will need to follow the label instructions of the stain remover you have purchased to maximise your results. You can also use a soft toothbrush to rub out any stain.

Are the gloves waterproof?

No, the gloves are very high heat resistant and are very effective doing this however the gloves need to be dry to be effective. Please see below for further instructions.

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • Gloves are not waterproof and do not protect against heat from hot liquid
  • Do not dry the Grill Master Gloves in the dryer, they need to be air dried.
  • Do not use the Grill Master Glove until they are completely dry or if they have grease on them.
  • Do not use over the recommended temperature of 932F(500C).
  • The Gloves do not provide any permanent protection against fire or heat
  • Looking after your gloves and washing them and keeping them clean is highly recommended. Treat any stains or soil build up in order to maintain the gloves
  • insulation properties and maximum effectiveness.

Do you include washing instructions?

Yes, each glove contains an insert with specific washing instructions so that you can look after your gloves for a long time to come. There is no need to use these gloves while they are looking anything but their best.

Wash at 40°C and follow these instructions. Gloves can be washed in the washing machine according to these instructions.

What cleaning agent is best to use?

To keep your gloves clean use a domestic grade detergent, liquid or powder. Laundry detergent with chlorine bleach, fabric softener is not required and should not be used as it may alter the protective outer lining.

After I wash them, how do I dry them?

Remove from the washing machine- wring lightly- remove excess water and place on clothesline to air dry. Do not use gloves when damp, if used when wet or damp this will not allow you heat protection as any heat will penetrate the glove. Gloves need to be completely dry whenever in use.